The Fast Autonomous Web

Autonomous vehicles are the future.  Imagine you’re on the way to meet a friend for dinner, and riding in an autonomous vehicle.  As you ride the car slows and begins to pull over to the curb.  The car notifies you that emergency vehicles will be passing.  You hear the sirens, and then the fire truck … Read more

Blockchain Usefulness 101

Basically, for something to have value it has to have usefulness.  The greater the amount of usefulness then the higher it’s worth.  If something has a high worth people usually would be willing to part with their hard earned money to use it.   It takes a lot of research to dig through all of the … Read more

US Government’s Fiscal Fatigue

Google search “Financial Report of the United States”’ and it pulls up the US government’s financial statements.  The recent year’s balance sheet which as of September year end 2020 reports a net negative financial position of $26 trillion dollars (it’s higher today).  Basically, this is negative equity.  Usually this would point to bankruptcy, yet since … Read more

Investing, Opinions, and the Media

The media is always trying to get the attention of readers and investors.  The biggest challenge for an investor is wondering if the investment they’ve made is a good or a bad choice, and how long they should hold the investment.  A simple media report or opinion can cause an investor to sell out of … Read more

The Service of Bitcoin

Service as a form of value comes in many different forms.  Some of Bitcoin’s criticisms center around the topic that Bitcoin doesn’t provide anything that can be associated with as a form of product or service for us to derive a value from.  Bitcoin is often compared with gold for which identifying forms of gold’s … Read more

The Intrinsic Value of Bitcoin

There’s been comments in the media stating that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value.  The commenters may be correct, yet when you compare Bitcoin to other asset classes you’ll find that many other asset classes have similarities with little or no intrinsic value either.  Even common stocks today that do have intrinsic value trade much higher … Read more

Gauging Against Benchmarks 101

Investment returns are generally compared against benchmarks to gauge performance. Yet, yesterday’s big gainer is rarely tomorrow’s winner, and comparison against a benchmark can do more harm than good. Whether its with indexing or individual equities setting up a plan, and ignoring the noise can be important for multiple reasons. A long term focus will … Read more

How Crypto Is Changing Banking

Crypto makes headlines readily, and I suspect this will occur for a long while as the asset is still in its young childhood, and hasn’t hit it’s full understanding.  A lot of it’s future comes with understanding where crypto currencies are in our society as a whole.   Today’s banking appears technologically advanced.  With the advent … Read more

Bitcoin Investcast

GWA Investcast 1.0 discussing Bitcoin and the digital currency revolution occuring. The digital coin acceptance is growing fast. Major institutions within the US are working with currency and governments are paying attention to it. This is a highly sophisticated new digital currency. Digital currency will change our banking future. Bitcoin and The Digital Currency Revolution … Read more

Upside Down Investing

Sometimes turning things upside down can give you a different perspective that you may not see otherwise.  With investing I’ll invert questions with regard to a business’s operations to see if it shows me something I may be missing.  I also sometimes turn charts upside down to see if it shows me something I may … Read more