The 4 Hammers of Investing

An investor has four hammers in their tool box when investing.  These four hammers can transpire across many types of investments. The four hammers of investing are time, information, analytics, and diversification. When an investor understands the four hammers within investing it can make it much easier to decipher if the investor does have a … Read more

Vilfredo Pareto’s Discovery

Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist, civil engineer, and socialist, in 1906 made the observation that within Italy 80% of real estate was owned by 20% of the population.  Pareto discovered that this phenomena expanded beyond Italy’s borders occurring in neighboring countries as well.  In later years this research by Pareto was used by Joseph Juran … Read more

Index Investing’s Big 3

Index investing has been a hot topic for investors.  Most fund managers rarely beat their benchmark index, so investing with the index seems like the best route to take for those not interested in doing the investment research work.  Today, indexing has gotten so large that there are some concerns rising to the top that … Read more

90 Years and Bull Markets

Bull markets or long term upward price appreciation are the golden child.  They reflect the recoveries and expansions of the economic world.  Economic recoveries and growth push spending and investment forward and compound.  The simple act of spending and investing creates more of the same like that of an ant discovering a food source and … Read more

Profiting from Trends and Reversions

Trends and reversions or regressions to the mean are directional concepts within the stock market.  Understanding trends and reversions and how to make them work for you as an investor can be important. A trend is a directional movement of some type that takes time to develop, yet continues until saturation of the trend occurs … Read more

Investment Research: Turning Over 1 More Stone

Within the investment research process you have to turn over a lot of stones to uncover as much as you can about the company you are interested in owning.  Every piece of information matters.  As it is hard to discover everything, leaving one stone uncovered can fail to reveal the one piece of the puzzle … Read more

The Basics of Business Growth

Business growth generates ownership or shareholder value which ultimately translates into investment growth.  In order to find businesses that are growing you have to understand the basics of business growth.   The simplest way to understand this topic is by example.  Imagine someone is passionate about the widget business, and wants to start a widget business.  … Read more

Disney’s Value Potential in 2025

Disney released the full year earnings last week.  Their earnings and presentation provided clearer information on their growing Disney+ Direct to Consumer (DTC) product.  They grew their DTC subscribers to 85 million.  Disney+ Hotstar, Disney’s India video streaming service, contributed 26 million of these new 85 million.  Management said that they estimate to capture somewhere … Read more

Picking A Value Metric

There are numerous methods of valuing a company’s stock value.  When you peruse through all the articles and books it can be overwhelming.  So many different metric methods, and so many different people standing behind or referring to different methods that they use.  I stand in the value camp, and tend to use one value … Read more

Find Your 1 Magnetic Vision

Having a vision in life is important even for kids.  With COVID-19 my kids are schooling from home and have limited access to their traditional daily activities, so it can be difficult.   The outside variety of stimulations aren’t as prevalent these days. They will be back at some point, and that can be hard … Read more