Greenworth Investment Advisors (GWA) is a private investment management firm that focuses on equities (stocks), limits the amount of assets under management, uses evidenced based research to guide its style of investing, performs its own research, and invests its own money in its ideas.

What a Private Investment Management Firm Should Be

GWA was created to embody a private investment firm without the negatives that come with large investment management firms.  GWA’s characteristics are:

  • Equity (stocks) investing.
  • A controlled size of assets under management.
  • Relying on evidenced based research to guide our investment strategies.
  • We perform our own research.  
  • We invest in our selected ideas.  

We offer a choice for clients who want to be invested in equities (stocks) alongside other experienced investors, but would rather focus on their families, businesses, and careers first rather than spending their free time on researching investments.  

GWA’s plan is to remain as a small private investment management firm.  An investment firm is often measured by its asset size.  Size can be a hindrance when investing.  This is why we have limitations on assets under management.  Performing quality investment research takes a great amount of time, so a proper balance of clients being serviced under management versus time to perform research is important to us.    

We perform and validate our own research using evidenced based research. We use many different thought processes and sources to gather information and data, and then we run our analysis using more than just numbers to validate our choices. By using evidenced based historical research in determining our approaches it forces choices based on logic when investing.

We Are In This Together

We are in this together with our clients.  Investing is a generally a long term process and a team approach, and we consider our clients as a part of our team.

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