There’s a saying in the industry that an investor pays for their education the first ten years, breaks even the second ten years, and makes money the third ten years. Thirty years is a long time.

With over thirty years of investment experience, and twenty years of growing a small business GWA provides more than investing advice to our clients. Our clients leverage our money management, investing, and business experiences.

We help our clients problem solve and reach their financial goals. Something GWA can do for you.

Investing doesn’t have to be hard. Understanding how to invest through random world events and the news requires seasoned knowledge in order to stay calm and benefit long term. GWA focuses on keeping things simple. GWA’s characteristics are:

  • Simple evidence based investment concepts.
  • Long term focus.
  • Keeping our fees competitive.  
investment management

Investment Management Account Sizes

GWA handles accounts ranging in size from ten thousand dollars up to five million dollars per account. We will always do our best to keep our fees market competitive and fair.

Types of Accounts

GWA works with most types of accounts such as retirement accounts (personal and small business), cash accounts, rollover accounts, kids and college savings accounts, charitable accounts, small business retirement accounts as a few examples. All of the accounts we assist clients with are held at Charles Schwab Inc. in order to keep things simple and secure for clients.

GWA offers a choice for business owners that want a partner they can bounce ideas off of, and people who want experienced investment help that isn’t generic. Time is precious. Choose wisely.

We Are In This Together

Our mission and purpose is aligned to help clients achieve long term investment results.

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For further conversations regarding GWA’s services send us and email here.