How to Retire Early

What is retirement? Simply, retirement is nothing more than time.  When you are saving for retirement you are buying time, and when you are in retirement you are paying for the time.  The greater the amount of time the greater the cost.  The good part of retirement time is that you have a lot of … Read more

Upside Down Investing

Sometimes turning things upside down can give you a different perspective that you may not see otherwise.  With investing I’ll invert questions with regard to a business’s operations to see if it shows me something I may be missing.  I also sometimes turn charts upside down to see if it shows me something I may … Read more

Profiting from Trends and Reversions

Trends and reversions or regressions to the mean are directional concepts within the stock market.  Understanding trends and reversions and how to make them work for you as an investor can be important. A trend is a directional movement of some type that takes time to develop, yet continues until saturation of the trend occurs … Read more