Find Your 1 Magnetic Vision

Having a vision in life is important even for kids.  With COVID-19 my kids are schooling from home and have limited access to their traditional daily activities, so it can be difficult.   The outside variety of stimulations aren’t as prevalent these days. They will be back at some point, and that can be hard for kids to grasp. 

When you go through the process of growing to become an adult most of us will at some point come upon times when we find ourselves with a lot of down time under our own control, and have to figure out what to do with that time.  This is where understanding the tremendous power that our internal thinking has over our life comes into play.

Vision Attracts

You’ve probably heard the statement “you are what you eat.”  Well in the same concept “we are what we think” as well.  There’s a power that occurs when someone truly believes in their direction or goals and is always working on how to achieve them.  The stronger someone’s belief is the stronger the attraction or interest that occurs from the world around them. 

This powerful force is similar to the force of a magnet.  A magnet’s force is strong enough that when another similar metal is within proximity of the magnet’s force it binds to the magnet.  This force that a magnet has is something we know exists even though we can’t see it.  The action confirms our belief it.

magnetic vision

In much the same way as a magnet a person’s strong belief creates the “how to steps” which are actionable and others see this, and can’t help but notice.  This force or power is something that can be seen throughout history from many individuals that have achieved goals of greatness.  The goals or visions that have come to exist today from their infancy took a lot of belief on the founder’s part.  The founder’s vision had to be strong enough where it captured the imagination or attracted others to his or her vision. 

This magnetism creates the planning of how to accomplish the goals and moves forward step by step.  Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Ben Graham, Steven Spielberg, Ben Franklin, Steve Jobs, are examples of people that overcome skepticism and have shaped our world today because they believed so strongly in their goal or vision that over time formed into reality.

Everyone’s life, no matter how young or old, should have goals.  If not life can feel like being stuck in a desert with no roads out in sight.  We all need something to work towards, so we can create our own how-to steps from our internal vision.  These goals can start off simple and small, and then as one goal is accomplished and learned a new larger goal can be developed. Humans are goal seeking individuals, so goals are necessary for satisfaction and self accomplishment.

Getting a young person to start learning the processes of life that are important.  The blessing here is there are many great people on the internet that speak of these processes, and how to accomplish them, so the Dad or Mom lecture need not be a part of the process, but rather a simple video to see if I can ignite a spark is a start.  More importantly, I hope that this article ignites a spark with every reader to find a vision to move towards, so you can create your own magnetic force.

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