Side Hustle Investing

Technology has created an app based economy where side hustles are readily available. These side hustles have become big business and can lead to investment ideas. Good investing starts with pounding the pavement. You can’t be a good investor sitting in an office behind a desk. I’ve broached this subject in another article. Read it … Read more

The Real Deal Isn’t Fake

After College I remembered a friend’s Mom making the statement “fake it till you make it.”  She was referring to her son who had just changed jobs.  He lived paycheck to paycheck while still living at home.  His new job was as a Financial Consultant for a stock brokerage company.  When he started he went … Read more

Wisdom: Investing vs Saving

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” — Robert G. Allen The common thread I hear from people is “I need to save more.”  Saving and investing are two different thought processes.  Saving more isn’t the answer.  Investing more is. The reason saving … Read more

Generational Demand 2022

It’s summer of 2022 and there’s a lot of financial news of companies reporting labor shortages to meet demand.  There’s evidently not enough people to fill all the positions available.  Firms such as FedEx to Domino’s are reporting how it’s impacting their ability to keep up with the demand.  The key word here is demand, … Read more

Annoying Decision Fatigue

Recently, I was listening to a podcast on the subject of decision fatigue.  Decision fatigue is when one decision creates more decisions.  Many times the decision fatigue is created by too many choices.  A good example of decision fatigue as provided in the discussion I listened to was a restaurant menu with too many choices.  … Read more

Good Investors Get Out

The essence of investing is consumer spending.  As an investor trying to judge the viability of consumer demand just can’t be done behind a desk.  Desk work involves news stories, financial reports, and quarterly calls.  Each one on their own has flaws.  News stories are meant to sell media and subscriptions.  Financial reports show a … Read more

You’re At Where You’re At

“You’re at where you’re at” is a saying you hear around traders.  Traders look at things differently than investors.  A trader’s existence is reliant upon their investable capital.  They put their capital to work over short term periods to gain returns or profit as a business, so they can take on greater risk and keep … Read more

How To Save Money: 1 Simple Step

There are spenders and there are savers.  Spenders are individuals that cherish material things more than money, and savers are the opposite.  Whether you’re a spender or a saver, saving money is important and here’s why.  Don’t Think the Government Will Save You No matter which end of the choice that you sit, saving money … Read more

How to Retire Early

What is retirement? Simply, retirement is nothing more than time.  When you are saving for retirement you are buying time, and when you are in retirement you are paying for the time.  The greater the amount of time the greater the cost.  The good part of retirement time is that you have a lot of … Read more

The Fast Autonomous Web

Autonomous vehicles are the future.  Imagine you’re on the way to meet a friend for dinner, and riding in an autonomous vehicle.  As you ride the car slows and begins to pull over to the curb.  The car notifies you that emergency vehicles will be passing.  You hear the sirens, and then the fire truck … Read more