The average rate of inflation from 1970 until 2020 has averaged about 3.85%.  Instead of this rate we’ll use a lower estimated rate of 3% as an average for examples.  This means if your cost of living today (2020) is $100k per year for goods and services that you spend annually then the following is how much you will need to maintain the same standard of living on average at the start of the following future time periods:

Potential Future Cost of Living Due to Inflation

(+10 years) 2030: $134k/yr

(+20 years) 2040: $180k/yr

(+30 years) 2050: $242k/yr

(+40 years) 2060: $326k/yr

(+50 years) 2070: $438k/yr

(+60 years) 2080: $589k/yr

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