1 Brave Raindrop Fights Gravity

Raindrops don’t swim upstream.  Raindrops don’t fight gravity.  Raindrops take the path of least resistance.  Whether it’s a window, a leaf, or the soil thousands of raindrops keep moving in the direction of gravity.  A thousand raindrops can fall at once and the earth handles it.  Raindrops are rarely a threat unless millions of them fall quickly at the same time overwhelming the earth.

Like raindrops many of us humans in our daily endeavors take the path of least resistance.  Doing so means the struggles will be less, but in the end the result is the same and our moments get absorbed into the earth and forgotten.  Doing the opposite, or a raindrop fighting gravity, seems crazy at times, and self defeating.  It takes a strong sole to swim upstream and fight the battle of a million raindrops constantly pushing you in the other direction.  Yet, it’s these soles that change our ways of thinking and our beliefs.

Raindrops That Challenged Gravity

Those determined to challenge or disrupt the status quo of current thinking are the ones that can bring our world to a better place.  The Isaac Newtons, Albert Einstiens, Ben Franklins, Bill Gates, Elon Musks, and numerous others that ruffle the feathers of change and move in the opposite direction of gravity against all the other raindrops to follow an idea.  “Thinking outside the box”,   or “challenging the status quo” are common sayings that accompany these frontiersmen.

gravity raindrop

Within investing there have been many that have changed the educational corridors of thinking and pushed against the flow of common gravity.  Ben Graham and John Bogle are names that come to mind, and there are many others.  These innovators questioned ideas and concepts affecting them to create new paths that became the new gravity for raindrops.

When it comes to questioning the gravity within the investment world it evokes a subtle taboo in it’s own right as raindrops will ignore the new ideas until they are approved by others or powers of authority.  Nothing starts without a question, so questions need to be asked first in order for something to change.  

So ask yourself then, is it possible to gain investing returns before an exchange of cash?  Can investment profits from a position be had before a target price is reached?  Is investing using aged based choices always the best way to go?  All of the questions may seem illogical, but they aren’t.  The answers exist.

As long as humans need things we will have human consumption which spurs businesses to exist and sources of money to be available.  Money sources spurred by places to raise capital such as the stock market.  Yet all of it started with a single raindrop, and much of what we use today was probably spurred by a raindrop that challenged gravity.

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