Here are answers to questions regarding Greenworth Investment Advisors.

Are you a fiduciary?


How will you keep me from being my own worst enemy?

Good finances start with personal accountability and good financial behavior. We try to promote this through our articles and posts.  

Do you receive any commissions or compensation from insurance, mutual fund, or private investment companies?

Absolutely not. We try to keep our information as unbiased as possible when it comes to investment ideas and sources to use for your financial benefit.

Do you have a niche?

We like to focus on helping others learn how to manage their budgets, minimize their debt, learn how to invest, provide business management tips, promote real estate ideas, and information regarding fixed income.

What services do you offer?

We mainly write articles for the benefit of our readers. We do offer one on one consultations for business owners and investors, and we do selectively manage accounts for those that request the help.

What are your credentials?

Registration of Greenworth Investment Advisors, LLC with FINRA and the State of California in 2012. 

What is your financial philosophy?

  • Keep things simple.
  • Focus on long term evidence based ideas.
  • The law of numbers and randomness apply in life.
  • Good financial behavior and patience is learned. 
  • Never stop reading and learning.  

What is unique about your reader experience?

  • Founder led.
  • Client backboard for financial problem solving.
  • We will never custody anyone’s funds.

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